There are many excuses I’ve come up with for writing about our travels and sharing photos –

  • Our friends ask us for suggestions all the time.
  • We love giving unsolicited advice.
  • I love writing/food/photography/doodling.
  • There’s a niche for the non-nomad, non-roughing it in a hostel, non-resorty/leisurely travel, non-touristy type (i.e. grown ass people with regular jobs who travel to learn/eat/do things).
  • Maybe this will be entertaining. Or useful to someone.
  • Or, this can be a reporting tool for my parents to keep up with what’s going on. Etc etc.

But really, it’s all for a selfish cause. I have the worst memory, and I want to remember all these amazing memories when I’m 80.

Traveling has always been something I’ve loved. I love it for learning about other cultures and seeing things in new perspectives. I love it for enjoying the beauty of mother nature. I love it for the food and the fun times. I also love it for just not being in school/at work. But the thing that’s always mattered to me the most, is getting to share new experiences and spend time with people I love. I’m so extremely lucky to have the best travel buddies – my family, my friends, and now my fiance. And those are memories I never want to forget.

Miyajima, Japan 2014
Miyajima, Japan 2014

So. Dear 80-year-old Lydia,

This blog is for you.



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